Facial Biometric Simplified

Fast, accurate and easy to use, Easy Comply's Facial Biometric Scanner is paving the way for 100% error-free customer verification.

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A Seamless Compliance Platform

Reduce the time and effort needed to onboard customers. Easy Comply's biometric scanner produces accurate results in less than a few clicks.

Facial Biometric Simplified

Customise & Personalise

Display your brand's true personality from day one with our clean and customisable platform

Not just facial biometrics, but a multi-purpose verification suite.

1) Document & OCR Scanner

2) Facial Verification

3) One-on-one Case Management

4) AML Check

Higher efficiency

Requires just 2 simple movements for live capture

Lower cost

Eliminate the cost of manpower by AI technology

Customisable UI

Fits existing apps quickly and effectively due to flexible ui design

Better performance

Performs well on low end cameras