An Effective CLM & Compliance Scanner

Achieve Hassle-Free Compliance with our AI Powered CLM Platform

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Simplify the Compliance Journey

Our CLM Portal enables you to create your own customer journeys, and automates all checkpoints from onboarding, verification and monitoring.

CLM Portal

Comply Scanner

Protects your business against exposure to high-risk clients, giving you added protection from fines and litigation.

From onboarding to enhanced due diligence, Easy Comply provides an entire suite of compliance scanners and verification tools to safeguard your business from fraud and costly litigation.

Make Customer Fraud History

Easy Comply combines vast databases with razor-sharp and accurate verification tools to spot every fraudulent actor from day one.

Client Lifecycle Management: From Acquisition to Offboarding.

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How Easy Comply customers are saving millions in their KYCcompliance operations.

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Top 10 Compliance challenges facing business today and how to address them.

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